Save Belmar Park

Kairoi development (a multi billion dollar company), and the City of Lakewood are moving forward with a 412 unit apartment complex development at Belmar Park.  The City of Lakewood is ready to accept in lieu of fees at a fraction of market value for the parkland dedication that the developer is required to provide (3.46 acres).  The City has yet to provide an explanation for this to Belmar Commons residents or anyone else.  In addition,  the City is going to pave more of the park to provide additional space for parking and construction equipment that benefits the developer.  The developer is planning to cutdown 69 trees which will effectively destroy the ecosystem and the nesting area for a large number of at risk birds and other wildlife.  The building will be built at the edge of Kountze Lake and will be marketed as "luxury rental apartments".  There are numerous environmental and community issues with this development ( see website links below).  Kairoi's intent to mitigate this is to cut down the trees in January before nesting starts, and then put up birdhouses and birdbaths. Migratory birds and water fowl do not use birdhouses or birdbaths.    

The Proposed development has prompted a lot of unanswered questions: 

  • It does not ensure "effective integration of development and redevelopment with surrounding land uses" - required by the Lakewood Comprehensive plan 
  • It does not "protect and enhance the natural environment including the conservation of natural features, land and energy"- required by the Lakewood Comprehensive plan 
  • It will cause significantly more congestion in the neighborhood and on Wadsworth Blvd
  • It will significantly impact the quality of life for the residents of Belmar Commons - the apartment building will tower over their homes and block their view of the park and sunlight from reaching their roofs
  • This does not fit the need in our city for affordable housing or condos that residents could buy and develop equity in
  • The City planning department has been working with the developer on this for 3 years, but only the residents of Belmar Commons were notified about it in October of 2023
  • This once again creates a situation were the citizens have no voice in this matter and have to protest and fundraise in order to be heard
  • The City has a tree canopy goal of 35 percent by 2025.  Currently the canopy is approximately 13% and cutting down the trees at Belmar will further degrade our canopy  

Please join our grass roots effort to force compliance with the Lakewood Comprehensive plan, and to ensure the voices of the citizens are heard!

I would appreciate your support in my run for City Council in order to effect change and represent the citizens of Ward 5.  - Video on City of Lakewood website about the "jewel of the city " and the bird and wildlife sanctuary  Cormorant Rookeries at Belmar Park - installed by Lakewood Parks department in April of 2023


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